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Since 2015, Roll7 has pioneered a Distributed Development strategy, taking full advantage of the infrastructure and technology advances available. We don’t have a traditional ‘office’ or ‘studio’, we have a staff of amazing programmers, remarkable artists and diligent production staff all working in the cloud.

We do however run all our team meetings and external meetings from the wonderful UKIE offices in Holborn. The lovely folks there are like our extended family, and we are very lucky to share a space with such talented, open-minded and fun people.
For enquiries please get in touch with one of us below…

John Ribbins

Makes games:

Game Design, Creative Direction.


Skateboarder, enjoys making things out of wood, code or paper. Collector of comics, scourer of bandcamp and generally nocturnal.

Tom Hegarty

Ensures games are finished:

Production, Business, Finance.


Father of two boys, lover of the great outdoors and 'rock' guitarist.



Simon Bennett

Tells you about games:

Marketing, Business, Product Development.


Keen extreme sports athlete, cooker of delecible delights and lover of 'swazzy music'. 



We would love to hear from you, whoever you are, even if you just want to moan at us…


Roll7 has an approved suppliers list. We also categorically do not use recruitment agencies. Any enquiries made by recruitment agencies will not be responded to.

John Ribbins

Tom Hegarty

Simon Bennett

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Creative Direction


Business / Marketing

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