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Gets going

Join the Gets Tribe on their escapade around the globe and save them from the perils of Yetis, Robo Frogs and spikey death!


The Gets Tribe are an adventurous bunch, on a quest to seek out new islands and treasures. Each world is a mini puzzle featuring challenging platform and timing based gameplay, with multiple routes to solve each world, and huge replay value – can you get them all to the Exit without any of the tribe getting burned, spiked, eaten or squished?!


It sounds simple, get from A to B without getting anyone killed. But you don’t control the Tribesmen themselves, only the ground they’re walking on. Raise and lower the platforms to make paths to safety, while trapping baddies like Yetis and Frogs to keep your guys from getting munched!

Gets this

3 Unique Worlds

Happy Forest, Frosty Mountain and Rusty Gears


45 levels

(finger twisting, brain bending levels)


16 different types of interactive platform

From spikes, to lava, to bouncy rubber!


9 enemies

Including Yetis, Robo Frogs and the worlds FIRST flying pengiun



Star based score system with huge replay value



Gets it now!

Gets a better OST!


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