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Play it again Sam! (and again and again and again...)

We are super happy to introduce Sam - our QA master!

Sam came on as work experience duing OlliOlli, he was such a pinickety kinda guy, that we just had to bring him on in a more official capacity. We seriously dont know how the game would have turned out without his eagle eye input.

So, who is this dashing chap?

Hi, I'm Sam. I worked for a long while as a Bartender and seriously awesome Barrista. It's fun stuff, but with Roll7 I can now (hopefully) help make fantastic stuff that doesn't go cold in 5 minutes! My music choice is predominantly Metal, love it almost as much as I love games, so it looks like maybe I'm in the right place

What do you think makes for a good indie game?

Addictive, rewarding game play that draws you in within minutes, with charming details left behind by their hard-working teams!

What new developments in gaming are you currently excited about?

Ultimately, I'm excited to see the new ISO-Slant™ technology in action, but then again, who isn't

Sam is currently working on managing quality of our OlliOlli ports to PS3, PS4 and Steam and will be starting on our super top secret project come July...