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OlliOlli has been nominated for Best Sports Game at BAFTA Games

We can't believe it! OlliOlli has been nominated for Best Sports Game at the British Academy Games Awards.

Studio Director Simon Bennett notes, "To be held in the same regard as such sports titles as FIFA, Forza and Trials is a massive accolade in itself. To do it with Skateboarding; my favourite sport, is just mental!"

Series creator and hardcore skater John Ribbins continues, "I wish I was Indie and cool enough not to care about the BAFTAs, but I do, and its frickin’ awesome!"

Roll7 would like to thank everyone who has ever played OllIOlli. From the tried-it-once haters, to the hardcore grinders - every single player, writer, content creator - it means the world to us!

Finally, Tom Hegarty, Roll7's third Director, concludes the sentiment with the apt: "YEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH"

You can find the full category for Best Sports Game below...


John Ribbins, Simon Bennett, Tom Hegarty

Forza Horizon 2

Development Team

Football Manager 2015

Development Team

Madden NFL 15

Development Team


Development Team

Trials Fusion

Kim Lahti, Antti Ilvessuo, Karri Kiviluoma


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John Ribbins

Tom Hegarty

Simon Bennett

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