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OlliOlli2 - Leaderboard Reset Poll!

Hey dudes, As you may have noticed, some of the Leaderboard scores on OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood seemed strange at launch. This was brought on by a speed-up bug wherein The Skater animation was doubled… and some players exploited this bug. We’re sorry for this! In the latest patch for the PlayStation 4, we have fixed the bug and removed the problem completely. At the same time, we removed a good majority of unachievable scores from the Leaderboards in an attempt to tidy up and remove all modified scoring.

However, some modified scores still remain. While the most obvious ones have been removed - and only legitimate competitors are at the top of the leaderboard - it’s clear that there are players scattered throughout who may have benefited from this speed-up bug.

So, we’re wondering…In interest of fairness, what would the OlliOlli2 Community want to do with the leaderboards? - Reset and Wipe Leaderboards Completely

- Keep Current Leaderboards

Voting is now closed.