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We were HACKED! But you still might as well download the leaked NOT A HERO demo!

Unbelievable. You make ONE game about a time-travelling purple pixel bunny from the future trying to come back to present day to murder loads of people and win the local election and you get hacked. Absolutely insane. The UJIP Party took over all our social media accounts, destroyed the studio and almost put BunnyLord in harms way. Thankfully, they gave us access to our accounts again late last night. BunnyLord knows how to take care of himself too.

It looks like, weirdly, that The UJIP Party are still paying server costs to host the NOT A HERO demo on their official web-page. You might as well download it while you can here - Click Here!

If you prefer your demos Steam Powered, you can download the demo here.

(Somehow, they uploaded their awful hacked version onto Steam too... Political parties. Who knew?)

As always, remember to follow all the action on @Roll_7 and on follow BunnyLord on @VoteBunnyLord.