• Robert McDonald

'Your Studio is a Waste of Space' - EGX Rezzed talk by Simon on running a remote studio!

Hello! In case you missed it, a couple of us Roll7 folk were at EGX Rezzed this year and doing a number of talks and panels. If you happened to make it along to one of those talks or panels or watched live from home, pat yourselves on the back; we really appreciate the support and hope you learned something!

Our first talk of Rezzed this year was helmed by our Studio Director, Simon Bennett and is warmly titled 'Your Studio is a Waste of Space' and is all about remote development; how your studio can thrive using distributed development, the upsides and downsides of running a remote studio in 2019. This talk is aimed at studios or teams thinking of running some development remotely or fully committing to the process, and shares the unique insight of a studio (Roll7) that has successfully transitioned from bricks and mortar into the cloud. This should hopefully shed some light on the organised madness that is video game development from a remote studio perspective.