• Robert McDonald

'30 Years of Indie (Featuring Roll7, Futurlab, No More Robots and Weather Factory)' - EGX Re

Hello! In case you missed it, a couple of us Roll7 folk were at EGX Rezzed this year and doing a number of talks and panels. If you happened to make it along to one of those talks or panels or watched live from home, pat yourselves on the back; we really appreciate the support and hope you learned something!

The other talk we were involved in was actually a panel between a bunch of incredible people from Futurlab (Kirsty Rigden), No More Robots (Mike Rose) and Weather Factory (Lottie Bevan). How has the indie games scene changed in the UK over the past thirty years? What do we even mean by indie nowadays? And where will indie gaming go in the coming decade?

What a lovely bunch and a huge thanks to George for having us all!

Source: (@JoeShowUK)