• Robert McDonald

Laser League wins TWO AWARDS at the UK Games Fund Awards!

Laser League has been awarded for Best Design and Best Audio in the UK Games Fund Awards! Last Wednesday, our very own John and Sam headed north to Dundee for the UK Games Fund Awards and we are incredibly thankful for the honour of receiving this recognition both Design and Audio, for Laser League. It has been an awesome experience to see the praise and recognition Laser League has garnered since it launched back in 2018.

Best Design and Best Audio Awards

We absolutely could not have developed Laser League without every single one of the incredible developers who poured their love, sweat and down-to-the-wire plays into bringing the world of Laser League to life; and for that we will always be forever thankful. Special thanks to John, Sam and Kevin on the Design front and Guy and Ital Tek for their blisteringly-beautiful Sounds and Soundtrack, respectively.


We cannot speak about what our future holds just yet, and being as transparent as possible, it may be quite a while before we do! However, we will continue to make sure that a line of dialogue is established between us and you lovely lot, just know that we're in Deep Video Game Tinkering Mode™ at the moment and as soon as we can make a peep, we will make a pop.

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