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Roll Call Interview Series - Samuel Brayley (Systems Designer)


Name: Sam

Role: Systems Designer

Years at Roll7: 6.5

Favourite classic game: Streets of Rage II

Pets: None, but he likes dogs.

Hi Sam!


We’re running a new interview series for the Roll7 blog, so that people

can learn more about all the awesome people on our team. Could you

tell us a bit about what you do as a Systems Designer?

Well, as the name suggests, I design various systems within our games.

That checks out. And what does designing systems involve?

It’s everything from working out what abilities a player may possess in order

pass a level, deciding what types of loot people will get for completing it,

planning what features and game modes may exist for the user, to working out

the logistics of how players will know progress through the game. Essentially, it’s

a lot of the metagame rather than designing the actual gameplay - although

since we’re still a pretty small team I do often end up involved with that too.

When you started at Roll7, you were a QA intern – how did you end up

in design?

I actually got the initial internship because I turned up to a short playtest session

and ended up turning in a bunch of super detailed QA notes at the end. Tom,