• Robert McDonald

Roll7 says #SHUVITCANCER for World Shuvit Cancer Day

Today is World Shuvit Cancer Day and Roll7 are taking part in sharing the incredible story of the late Elaine Shallcross, for which today was created.

Who was Elaine Shallcross?

Elaine Shallcross also known as 'ShuvitCancer' on Instagram, was a 68 years young wife, mother and nan to those who knew her best. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018, and she wanted to learn how to perform a shuvit on a skateboard before her set deadline of July 10th 2020. Elaine shared her progress on Instagram, and skaters around the world fell in love with her story and supported her journey, including the likes of Tony Hawk.

Elaine's Instagram (@Shuvitcancer)

Elaine Shallcross sadly passed away in June 2020. Her story is one that our team has been inspired by, as it's a story often for why many people get into skating; with the progression from failing and getting back on your board again tomorrow - so we asked our developers to try and do a shuvit for July 10th in her memory (#ShuvitCancerDay).

We wanted to put together a little video of our team's shuvits. Shuvit Cancer. Thank you Elaine.

If you have been inspired by Elaine's story, do a Shuvit for her on World Shuvit Cancer Day and Donate to her Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser over on