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Hello 2021. Welcome to our New Starters!

New Year, New Hires. Give a warm welcome to some of the new starters at Roll7 for 2021!

Roll7 2021 Key Art including art from the video games OlliOlli, NOT A HERO and Laser League
Happy New Year from Roll7!

As mentioned at the end of 2019, we’ve been on a Video Game Industry Hiring Heist; gobbling up some of the best and brightest talent in our industry to help work with us to develop our most creatively ambitious work to date in our 3D Stylised Original IP made with Unity. We’ve searched the globe (mostly the United Kingdom and Europe) for the right people to help build what we’re making together, for you to get your hands on one day in the distant but not galaxies far away future. It will all be worth the wait.

This is a fan-stupulous time to remind you that Private Division is publishing our next Original IP. You can read more about that over on our Announcement Blog Post.

In the meanwhile, please put your hands and eyes together to read up upon some of the wonderful people we have the absolute joy of working with over the next little bit, and hopefully for a long time to come. We've grown our team to 65 people, and we are still hiring for a bunch of roles across multiple disciplines in the UK and Europe on a 3D Stylised Original IP made with Unity.


Say hello to some of our New Starters for 2021!

Arran Seaton - Level Designer

Sean Tromans - Senior Programmer

Andreas Yiannikaris - Lead Game Designer

Emily Barber - Quality Assurance Tester

Gregoire Frot - Environment Concept Artist

Alina Sommer - Technical Artist

Jacob Mills - Senior 3D Level Designer

Amelia Tzemis - Character Artist

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