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Roll7 Announce new Co-Dev Project funded by Kowloon Nights

Roll7 is a BAFTA winning studio based in London, UK, with a stellar remote team working across the globe. Previous multi-award-winning titles include the OlliOlli Series, NOT A HERO, and Laser League. Over the past 13 years, the studio has focused on 'flow state' gaming, creating games which captivate players with beautiful worlds, intriguing narrative, and addictive, moment-to-moment gameplay. This unannounced project, funded by Kowloon Nights, is Roll7’s first collaboration – the studio is working alongside a remarkable new creative talent to create a genre hybrid that pushes flow state gameplay into a bombastic new space.

"This is our first ‘partnership dev project’ at the studio with an external creative talent at the helm, and as such they have been very supportive. The Kowloon model is exactly what it says on the tin; it’s been great to have a very transparent relationship with them.' Simon Bennett; Co-CEO of Roll7.

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