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Stress Awareness Month: Tips & Practices from the Roll7 team

Hello all!

As you may or may not know, it's currently Stress Awareness Month, so we wanted to take a little breather and chat about some of the ways we at Roll7 try to reduce stress at work.

Internally, we run Mindfulness and Meditation sessions, which have proved to be a big hit - and we offer Headspace subscriptions to all our staff so they can take some mindful time out whenever they need.

We also asked our team at Roll7 to share some of the tips and tricks they have found helpful to prevent and alleviate stress from their environments:


Create a separate space for your work computer versus your out-of-hours space, to allow yourself to completely switch-off and disconnect from the physical environment and mindset that work creates.

Create a separate virtual space for work versus play on your computer to differentiate the environments and mindsets associated with both.

Keep work notes organised throughout the day via a notes app such as Workflowy, that way you won’t forget something important for the next day, or week.

It’s helpful to get into the right mindset by being appropriately dressed for remote work… although what counts as ‘appropriately dressed may vary from person to person - you’ve got to find what works for you!

Utilise the “Pomodoro Technique” to help discourage procrastination. In short: it’s a time management technique that uses a timer to break down work into short intervals separated by short breaks, to maximise your effort in short sprints and avoid burnout over lengthy periods.

Working remotely has its own benefits that for some can help alleviate and prevent stress, such as the removal of a commute or the substitution of a commute, a controlled routine and the ability to have more time for external pursuits and interests.

One thing that a lot of people brought up was the importance of physical activity as a means to decompress and refocus energy into something positive such as Swimming, Kickboxing, the Gym, Yoga, going for a skate or even just going for a walk.

Some of these are a little more difficult to jump into with COVID precautions, but there's nothing better than getting outside and away from the desk for a breather.

Just having a small chat with someone can help you disconnect for a moment, allowing you to refocus onto the task at hand with a sort of reset away from the point of stress.

Overall, there’s a strong belief in taking a break when things do get difficult. Disconnecting and coming back with a fresh readiness to tackle a situation head-on instead of letting multiple issues stack up, and before it becomes overwhelming.

As a remote studio, we place a strong emphasis on overcommunication and asking questions where possible. If you are feeling stressed, it’s better to reach out to someone and communicate your current situation than to let it become overwhelming to handle. In most cases, people will lend a hand to build you up and support you.

There is no such thing as a stupid question. Get the answers you need, before you think you’ll need them. No one wants to be in a situation where they have to react to an impromptu situation without all of the information required to do so. Ask more, and ask often.

Your current situation can be intense in the moment, and having that sense and action to remove yourself from a potential point of stress to reassess and ground yourself, can help you combat stressful moments better in future instances.

Thank you for reading! If you found any of the above helpful or insightful, let us know. We would love to bring you all more insight from the team on topics such as Stress Awareness Month and more in upcoming blogs.

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