We are Roll7, we make games.


We like to define our work as ‘Flow State Gaming’

Our mission is to develop titles so intuitive and refined, that all players reach that perfect equilibrium of focus and relaxation.


Whether that's tricking and comboing through an OlliOlli street, rhythmically popping, sliding and shooting in NOT A HERO, or weaving through the hypnotic patterns of Laser League, we aim to guide players into a zone of Zen -like Focus.


Its our combination of simple intuitive concept and complex, deep mechanics that have millions of players worldwide coming back over and over again.


Roll7 is a small core team of passionate creatives, artists, designers. We range from interns starting out in the industry, through to game veterans with experience in AAA. What bonds us is the drive to make amazing experiences for players at all levels of development, but to make our games with an inclusive, forward thinking methodology that goes against the crunch philosophy so prevalent in the industry.

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Roll7 is a BAFTA and multi-award-winning Independent Studio based in London, UK. Its founders; Simon, John and Tom have a background in Education, Music and Creative Multimedia – having founded the pioneering youth education company; RollingSound.

Between 2008-2013, Roll7 worked as a gun-for-hire studio on original IP and marketing projects for a number of clients, including Channel 4, The Home Office, Lloyds Banks and NeuroSky. During this time, the team also created several innovative prototypes.

In 2013, Roll7 pivoted to focus entirely on developing and exploring its own original IP. From a small studio in Deptford in south-east London, the team worked tirelessly to develop 3 original titles over 3 years; OlliOlli, NOT A HERO and OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood. With over 75 Awards and Nominations, the OlliOlli series has over 3 million players across 12 platforms and remains Roll7’s most successful IP to date.

In 2016, Roll7 moved its operations from a physical office into the cloud and developed a unique distributed production model, scaling up to over 30 people for the critically acclaimed, and multi-award nominated multiplayer title – Laser League.

Roll7 remains one of the UK’s most consistent and pioneering studios, the team are working quietly away on their next future classic title. Watch this space.

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