Roll7 is a remote UK videogames studio

Relax!We've been making our own breed of games since 2008!

Fully remote

Roll7 has been a fully remote studio since 2015. Mastering remote work has been key to our success.

Our award-winning team works flexible hours from the comfort of their own homes, with monthly meet-ups in London at T2 HQ.


We believe that great games come from great teams.

Roll7 is a diverse and inclusive team who are respected, trusted, cared for and given the support and guidance to thrive.

F*%@ crunch

Roll7 abandoned crunch in 2018, and has not looked back.

Our staff and freelancers are not expected to work a minute over their contracted hours. This is our commitment, just ask anyone who works here.


All the causes we support

At Roll7, we believe that it’s important to give back. Over the past few years we’ve walked, cycled, hiked, done a gaming marathon, taken students into the office for work experience and more in aid of the following causes:
SpecialEffect charity logo


Our current charity of the year, SpecialEffect, work to support people with physical challenges right across the world through the innovative use of technology. Watch this space for our next charity fundraiser!
Diverso logo


We took part in the Diverso initiative, providing work experience to young adults with special education needs and disabilities.
MermaidsUK charity logo


Mermaids is a UK-based charity who work to support transgender, nonbinary and gender-diverse children.

Friends and partners

Rolling back the years


OlliOlli World and Rollerdrome released within a few months of one another. The teams hit all milestones on time with no crunch. More surprisingly, drunken skating occurs at both launch parties and nobody breaks any limbs.
Head of QA, David, showing off at the OlliOlli World launch party


Roll7's critical success and ongoing working relationship with Private Division leads to the company being acquired. Our staff are resoundingly delighted to discover that there are free Kinder Bueno in the T2 offices.


A tough year is made a little easier with extra online team fun events, snacks and drinks sent out to people’s homes, and plenty of chats and check-ins when needed.
One of the Roll7 directors working at home


Prototyping on OlliOlli World and other magic continues. Roll7 bessie mates give us feedback at Gamescom.


Paul Rabbitte shares GIFs of a zany new skater-shooter he's been creating on Twitter.
Three of the Roll7 directors celebrate the launch of Rollerdrome


Laser League is released into early access, to critical acclaim.


Roll7 goes remote. People spend less hours on sweaty tubes and more time petting their cats, which is widely regarded as a win.


OlliOlli wins a BAFTA. Tom and Simon are forced to admit that they might be real game devs.


After much persuasion from John, Roll7 take the plunge and release an original commercial IP, OlliOlli. Tom and Simon remain doubtful - will the game be a success? Are they really REAL game devs? Don't they need more money, and a bigger studio, and fancier connections?


Roll7 continue work on various projects, and in 2009 start creating games for the Neurosky Headset - a brain-computer interface. These games include Focus Pocus, which aims to help improve concentration in children with ADHD.
Some of the old OlliOlli2 team


The birth of Roll7! From 2008-2013 the team work as guns for hire, creating short games, marketing content, and more. They have no idea what they are doing.
The Roll7 directors looking young in this old pic from the RollingSound days


RollingSound finds a new game course tutor in John Ribbins. He listens to the same music as Simon, so immediately gets the job.


RollingSound was born, providing digital creative courses - covering anything from photography, to music production, and more - to young people in the inner city.
The now retired RollingSound bus


Their first joint creative endeavor (other than making LEGO bases). Tom's first band would later go on to support Greenday and Foo Fighters without him. Tom and Simon's band would go on to become a frequent answer in the 'fun fact' round of Roll7's year-end quiz.
Roll7 founders back when they were in a band


While Roll7 wasn't founded until 2008, Co-Studio Heads, Tom Hegarty and Simon Bennett, met a few years before that...

We've picked them out in this school pic!
A school photo featuring two of Roll7's founders in their childhood