Between 2009 and 2012, Roll7 was an OEM partner with NeuroSky, making various small titles for the headset.

Focus Pocus
Commissioned by Neurocog to build upon their 15 years of research in ADHD, Roll7 developed Focus Pocus, a groundbreaking video game for 7 to 13 year olds to help behaviour change.

Thinky Thunky Party
Think you’ve got the biggest brain? Put it to the test in Thinky Thunky PARTY!, a set of mini-games that challenges your skills of concentration and relaxation. Play in single player mode for the highest score or link up with friends in party play to see who is the mind-master!

Zombie Pop
Fight the Zombie hordes and search for a cure for zombie-ism, in this MindSet enabled game that utilizes focus and blinks to rid from factory of the undead.

Man.Up is a meditation brain-game that cleverly uses mind-driven difficulty. The game's environment flexes and changes based on you. Groove to the techno music and bounce your way up, up, UP!

Invaders Reloaded
Invaders Reloaded is a vertically scrolling 3D shoot-em-up with a twist; Your ship’s weapons and powerups are controlled by your concentration. The harder you concentrate, the faster and more powerful your shots will become.

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Puzzle, Educational





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September 3, 2009

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