Meet Dre: Creative Director

Helping direct our legendary creativity

Oi, Oi Readers…

Meet Dre, our amazing Creative Director!

We say meet, but you’ve probably already seen him gracing your screens when he collected the Best British Game 2023 BAFTA for Rollerdrome.

Watching Dre’s acceptance video gives a genuine insight into Roll7…

… no mincing of words, no rehearsed drivel, just raw emotion and talent there for everyone to see.

Eurogamer has just found that out for themselves, and have released an unmissable article spotlighting Dre and taking a look at the future of Roll7

Eurogamer spends the article trying to define Roll7, trying to decide what kind of game developer we are and how we’re so different. They finally hit the nail on the head by saying that "Roll7 is an inventor, I like that". Well guess what? We like that too. 

Make sure to head over and read all about Dre, Roll7 and what might lie ahead for us in the future in this awesome Eurogamer article